The Messy Room.

Most of the stuff making up the mess is made up of things you use pretty regularly. But a lot of the stuff making the mess is stuff that you don’t need in your bedroom. Things like garbage, or paper, or dirty laundry. Dirty laundry is something that you can’t live life without. Not to say that it’s a “staple”, I’m saying that it’s something that life doesn’t exist without. Or dirty hair. My hair is always dirty at the end of the day, and my make up is usually a mess.

Similarly, life is full of lots of stuff that clutters up your day. Most of it is stuff you use all the time. Things like the internet, or your phone, or even books. But a lot of it is stuff you really could do without. Things like negative input, or pity party feelings, or angry reactions to things that really shouldn’t make you as angry as it did.  You end up with dirty laundry everyday, and your hair is probably a mess too. We just won’t talk about the mess that make up has made of your face.  But you can take a shower, and it comes off. Your hair gets clean, and you smell nice. You can brush your teeth, and clean them of all the foul things you thought of saying or actually said for the day. At the end of every day, is the glorious opportunity to go to bed and start over when the sun comes up.

After you put the things you use every day away, you can clean some dirty laundry too. That doesn’t mean you have to go throw it in the washer RIGHT THAT SECOND. It means you put it in the laundry basket, heave a sigh of relief, and you throw it in the washer in the morning and trade it for clean clothes. You. Start. New.

So in short, its OKAY to have a messy room, because EVERYONE has a messy room. Life is a little messy. If it wasn’t, we could worry about who was in charge of it all. But we don’t have to worry about whose in charge, because we KNOW who is in charge. And we know that He gave us the mess, and gave us a way to clean it up with things like the shower, the washer, the dirty laundry basket. And sometimes, we have to even go to Him and say “Hey Dad? I’m really tired, and today was really hard. I can’t keep my head up anymore, and my room is really messy. Can you please do my laundry tonight? I don’t think I can handle it.” and He’ll smile, tell you He loves you, and He’ll do your laundry. Because He’s watched you struggle with your messy room, and was waiting for you to ask Him for help. He’s wonderful that way.

Life is good, even when your room looks yucky and embarrassing.

Do your laundry [;


-Nina Elaine.


4 thoughts on “The Messy Room.

  1. Well said. We need to be reminded every now and then that we all have dirty laundry but its how we deal with that laundry that can either make us better people or not.

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